Hey sweeties,
 Today I'm blogging about the one thing that keeps me away from the Blogging life, and that is Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Most of you know how much I was looking forward to getting it, but because I hadn't got a 3DS I had to wait a bit later than the Europe release date!
But trust me I've made up by playing it non stop.
Last Wednesday the 19th my 3DSXL finally came in the post!

My favourite part of Animal Crossing has always been fishing, the calm lifestyle of the game always cheers me up.

My town's name is Sakura and my Character is Amber. 
And my theme tune is PON PON PON!
Below I've added some photos of my game-play.
Enjoy and Thank you for reading!

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Thank you for reading.

some of my art~

Did you know I draw?
If I'm not spending hours on my Tumblr you'll usually find me filling in my scrap book.
I do requests on my Tumblr if you would like a character sketch or drawing of you.

Excuse my gross nails in the first photo.

Thanks for reading.

Just a quick opening message saying welcome.
As you can probably tell I've never used blogspot and this is my first ever post.
I hope to fill this blog with OOTD, News of what is going on with me and Product reviews.

I want to treat this blog as a personal insite into the life of posturepain, even if it is just silly posts of me dancing with my dogs.

So welcome, follow and have fun.