Kaneto, Water Leggings Review

Hai dolls.

I'm doing a Review today of something I just can not even comprehend my love for...

Water Print Leggings!

I have to admit, I do not own one pair of leggings and I haven't since my early tweens.
But these are just so comfortable stylish and literally go with everything.

I was sponsored by the beautiful Kaneto Store for this review.

The leggings were shipped off On The 26th of August and Arrived to me On September 1st!

Here is my lovely Fairy GodMother Hello Kitty to show you the lovely Packaging;

The Leggings came in this padded envelope and inside the leggings were wrapped in another transparent envelope.

I love when things are super wrapped up when I open them!
I love the colours used in these leggings the shades are very Studio Ghibli! DO YOU AGREE?

The colours used makes the leggings really versatile, layer them for winter? Crop top and heels for a bar or nightclub?
Or a nice fluffy jumper for a nice walk!

Length: 89cm 
Waist: 58-76cm 
Hips: 78-100

Examples of styling the product

The material is super stretchy and very slimming as it tugs you in, in all the right places!
It's also really silky which makes the leggings very comfortable.

I'm usually a UK size 8/10 and I'm 154cm these leggings fit perfectly but the legs were a tiny bit long.


5/5 for these beautiful leggings, I'm literally head over heels in love with how many ways you can style them!
So make sure to check out the kaneto store
For these leggings and so many more beautiful products, there services is amazing & the products are very well made/high quality!
Thank you all for reading & have a photo of me being silly!image