Hai Sweetie-pie dupplings

Today I have another Sponsored Review from the Wonderful people at ilovesexy
They have the worlds most spectacular shoes as well as Everyone costume you could ever imagine.

These beautiful babies have literally not been taken off my feet since I received them.
Ilovesexy sent the shoes on Oct 24th and recieved them on Oct 30th

Six day delivery from L.A

Onto the review.

These shoes come in US sizes 6,10 & 11 at the moment, but they will have more sizes soon!
I Am a UK3 and the US6(Which is a UK4) fits perfectly with socks (which you would always wear with these shoes)

As you can see in the banner style collage i can stand on my tippy toes in them steadily and they feel sucure I always test shoes by doing this and small jumping to see how safe they are (yes a tad strange but it always makes sure you know you wont have an accident)
They passed this test too hehe~

I tried on black clothing and my usual pastel occord and these shoes worked with both!

These are my first shoes from from Ilovesexy and I would definitely buy again, the quality is incredibly sturdy and easy to walk in on first try, the platform is steady and doesn't make your foot fold over whilst walking like some platforms!

They're 4 and a half inches and they don't feel like you're wearing heels, yet you get the thin long leg effect!

The beautiful Lace details you can see them better in this photo

 The Lace scalloping is seriously the cutest thing, I love the layers of white to black and back to white and the bow. UGH I'm in love.

The clasps are really strong and the straps have so many holes for different tightness.

I give these wonderful specimens 5/5
 seriously, I can't even monitor my love for these shoes, I just want to wear them every day of my life. They're so comfortable, stable and better than all of that THEY'RE SO CUTE!

So please check out ilovesexy.com Here
and find these shoes Here

Thank you for reading & have some photos of me being silly...