♡ pinkyparadise princess pinky eclipse sponsored review ♡

Hai everyone.
Sorry I've been so absent, I had an accident and ended up really poorly as I broke my ribs.

Today I have a review from PinkyParadise.

I chose the lenses Princess Pinky Eclipse in brown.

If you are a new follower or unaware of who Pinky Paradise are let me explain to you.
Pinky Paradise are a circle lens site who sell TONNES of colourful, natural, big, small, cosplay, halloween and everything you can imagine in the lens world!
I have been wearing pinky paradise lenses for about 2 years now and I've never had one issue with their AMAZING lenses.

This time they asked me to choose from the Princess Pinky Eclipse collection.
I chose these lovely brown ones.

As always PinkyParadise sent the lenses super quick and I received them in perfect condition 12 days later, which is as always super impressive!


   Diameter            14.5mm
Water Content  38%
  Base Curve  8.6mm
       Life Span        1 year disposal

Onto the photos~

I got my lesnes in plano 0.00 because i don't need glasses all the time, only for reading or on the computer.

 imageAlways Remember:image
After opening your lens viles leave the contacts in your case for 8 hours before putting them in your eyes!And don't forget to take care of your contact lens cases along with properly disinfecting your big eye contacts. Do sterilize your contact lens cases once a month and recycle contact lens cases after three months.

When applying lenses:

Make sure your hands are clean and always put your lenses into your eyes BEFORE applying your make-up!

After cleaning your hands place one lens on your index finger, starting with your right eye use the the hand that's lens free to pull down your right eyelid.

Place the lens on your eye and when its inserted release your finger and blink.

If the lens is comfortable you're fine.
If not remove the lens put it back into the solution and start again.

Here is a photo of the lenses in my eyes, I love the brown and how it doesn't blend but looks very cartoon-ey.
I absolutely love how they look!
I have blue eyes and I think they look really well the contrast is really KAYUT!

Here's a photo in natural light, even though the lenses are large i don't think they make my eyes that big from a distance.

The lenses make me feel like a fairy i don't know why!

I really recommend these lenses as they are super comfortable after 7 hours of wearing, they look incredible with my eye colour.
I give these lesnes;


Thank you for reading!

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  1. Ohh these lenses look very cute on your eyes! ^ ^


  2. Awe you're so cute! I've never seen such cute circle lenses case too~

    Following you :3


  3. I think the lenses look very animated and so cute on you ^^

    恵美より ♥

  4. Great lenses, the contract on your natural eye colour is really lovely :D


  5. awwwwwww, hope you're healing well!! A broken rib sounds so painful >___<

    cute lenses though <3 :D

  6. very cute post. I love these lenses, they look amazing. normally I only wear geo nudy sometimes.. :)
    lets follow eachother! if you want to follow me, let me know and I will follow back :)

    - www.angelaah91.blogspot.nl

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  8. Great Post! It's been a long while since I last visited! :)
    How have you been??


  9. such a nice review!


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  11. Absolutely love your blog and these lenses look so pretty!

    Life in Pastel

  12. oh wow how cool ^^
    and you're pretty full.
    I also have a blog please have a look over would be delighted.


  13. Great review~! The lenses are super pretty and look great on you <33


  14. I always wanted these circle lenses. In grey or violet >o< they are amazing