Hai there Cuties.

Today I have a really awesome and different review for you.
The company is called Blippo.com

Blippo are a store in Hong Kong and they literally sell everything you could ever want, from cute bags, japanese candy, figurines, D.I.Y candy sets to Phone cases & Magazines!

They have everything your little heart could desire!

Blippo sponsored me two items from their store.



And both are under 5euro with Free shipping! 

Shipping Details;

My order was Sent out on Jan 6th and I received my package all safe and sound on Jan 22nd.
A little over 2 weeks, which is still pretty fast!

The people at Blippo were also really helpful & lovely to speak to, I felt comfortable emailing them & they were quick with replies.

Pictorial Time:

Okay so I can't speak japanese and as the instructions were in Japanese, I kind of panicked searching through the web for english translations and I could only find one!
So I've decided to make my own step by Step Pictorial of How to make;

Kracie Popin' Cooking Waffle Set

Cut along the lines to get your sections!

This is what they should look like! 


Now lets decorate, decorate whatever what you like!
I used the icing to be like a bit of cream on the side.

The Review:

I found making it really fun and I like anything creative so I loved this, however I was really afraid to try it incase it was gross... BUUUUT!


The berries tasted super fruity and bitter and the syrup tasted like syrup I was so impressed by all the separate tastes!

I give this:


Yummy fun food, cute packaging, quick delivery and Lovely People at the store!

Part 2;

Now onto the Cute Panda Lens Case!
It came with the rest of the parcel all snug.

The ears are the hinges and thats how you open it, look at his little blushie cheeks omg.
The inside is super organized and pretty.
The main thing for me was that I could trust my lenses in their without leaking solution and drying up my lenses!

And guess what? It didn't! my lenses remained in their solution and i could put this in my bag all day!

I love cute practical things and this is perfect for me if I'm out for long with lenses in!

I give this:


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  1. The DIY kit looks cute and fun :3 I've done a few before and they can vary greatly in taste (I've had one before that tasted super gross XD). The panda case is also really cute.

  2. ALL so cute :3

    恵美より ♥

  3. What a cute review :D But I always think those Asian-DIY-candy-things must taste soo chemical and somehow strange.. I should really try it myself sometime ╮(─▽─)╭

    ruriisparadise.blogspot.de ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞