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circle lenses


Today I have a review from the lovely people at KPOP2, I've worked with them before and they asked me to review another set of lenses from their $10.99 lenses.

I chose MI Cara Gray.
I don't need glasses so I ordered in plano(0.00), but these lenses go all the way to 5.50!


Lens Details:

Product Name: Cara
Duration of use: 6 months
Frequency range: 0.00 to -9.00
Diameter: 14.0mm

So I ordered the lenses on December 3rd and Received them December 18th 15 days later.

The lenses arrived in a snug packaging with their own lens case.
Inside the box were the viles which held my lenses. (they were also bubble-wrapped to prevent damaging the viles)

Opening Your Lens Vile:

Using a tweezers or steel nail file put whatever you choose under the plastic cap and lift it, then pull the cap along to remove the silver cap!
Its easy once you get the hang of it.
When the viles are open put the lenses into your case with solution.

 imageAlways Remember:image
After opening your lens viles leave the contacts in your case for 8 hours before putting them in your eyes!And donot forget to take care of your contact lens cases along with properly disinfecting your big eye contacts. Do sterilize your contact lens cases once in a month and recycle contact lens cases after three months.

When Applying Lenses:

Make sure your hands are clean and always put your lenses into your eyes BEFORE applying your make-up!

After cleaning your hands place one lens on your index finger, starting with your right eye use the the hand that's lens free to pull down your right eyelid.

Place the lens on your eye and when its inserted release your finger and blink.

If the lens is comfortable you're fine.
If not remove the lens put it back into the solution and start again.

No one is a pro on their first try.

The colour is pretty much the same colour as my blue eyes even though they're grey, the black outline makes my eyes appear bigger even though they're only 14mm which is small for me! 

They were easy to put in but after about an hour and a half the left lens because sort of dusty and dry feeling? They weren't uncomfortable but sort of irritating.

The colour does show up in natural light but im not sure if thats only because my eyes are blue so that is a bit of a downfall for me.

I give these lenses 

The irritation is a big deal for me and as they were so similar to my colour even though they were grey lenses thats why I mark them down 2 points for that.
Although I'm sure they would be beautiful on green eyes!

Thank you for reading 

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