photos by stephenhealy

Incase you didn't notice, I'm still trapped in little goth girl mode. I don't know what it is about summer this year but it's just so gloomy I tend to blend in. 
Luckily my hair is so colourful it add's some accent colours to the black-ness. This week I completely lazed about due to my back injury and was barely able to get dressed.

However the one time I did go out I rocked this super cute outfit, its seriously one of my new fav's and i'll be wearing it a lot these next few weeks!

Where to find it:

Myself and Stephen have had so much fun working with Timothy the owner of LGO creation, his designs are so incredible & he's such a lovely guy. So much more to come from him & his amazing shop so watch this space. 
Another obsession of mine has been Tattoorary's temporary tattoo's I'm way too indecisive for a tattoo and these tattoos have shown me wear i'd actually like to place some! They're incredibly long lasting yet easily removed with an exfoliator. Can't recommend them enough!

I hope you like this look as much as I love it. Lots more looks in the works so stick around and keep those peepers peeled!

Check out stephenhealyphotography for more amazing photos from an amazingly talented man!


photos by stephenhealy

Summer style in the land of Amber consists of pretty much the same things I wear all year round, okay maybe minus a few layers.
My inner pastel princess has shined itself through my hair and resulted in all black outfits the past few weeks.

I decided to shake it up and step away from the pink hair I've been sporting for the past 4 years and add some purple & blue. This in turn has made the little goth girl inside me come to the fore front.

Who knows, maybe next week the princess will make an appearance again! 

This whole outfit can be bought for under €60, from head to toe!

Where to find it:

So here is part one of my summer looks, I'll have plenty more coming over the next few weeks so be sure to check in.
I have lots of cool projects from great companies that I'm super excited to share with you all, so until then get the sun-screen out and have a great week.


photo by stephenghealy

Summer, Summer, Summer. Florals and pastels? No thank you, I'm sticking with my coven realness for today and probably the next week. Okay, my inner unicorn remains potent in all of my outfits even the baby goth ones! 

I wore this outfit today and felt like I could take over the world.
I've been picking up pieces over the past few weeks so I wanted to share all of todays outfits pieces with you.

Lets call it, Gothic Mermaid Weeaboo?

Heres where everythings from:

Anime Face Shirt: (€20) This T-shirt is absolutely perfect for summer, it's adorable and comfortable. Theres nothing better than being cool and breezy in an over sized t-shirt some shades and runners during the summer months. (Unless you live in Ireland like me and have to wear 20 layers even in July!) Pimp Chimp is a really awesome shop for all your popculture, gaming and anime needs. The owner is so lovely and I couldn't recommend their store enough.

Cat Ear Hat: (€3) I've had this hat for a while, It's from an ebay store which has since been deleted but I found another one that's identical. It's super comfortable, cute and cheap as chips.

Dat Booty Tho Iphone Case: (€10) Who doesn't need a phone-case that proclaims your love for booty? Everybody needs to share the booty love okay? Thinkitmakeitsellit have the cutest cases, this is my favourite though.

Platform Sandals: (€29.65) I ordered these shoes from Romwe about 3 weeks ago and got them last week. They're spectacular. I have no words. They're so comfy and despite only having a small lace in the front they feel very supportive and look best with some cute socks.

Black Velvet Skirt: (€17.60) I just checked my order history and I bought this skirt 3 years ago! It is still perfect and in my opinion a hundred times better than it's AA counterpart. 

Donut Bag: (€12) I bought this bag on sale, although it's thin it is perfect for your phone a lipstick and your money.

I'll have lookbook posts of me wearing these items next week but for now feel free to grab some of the pieces.

Let me know which are your favourites.