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(photos by stephenhealyphotography)

Who needs scarves, wooly jumpers & practical clothing when you don't go outside anyway! 

Guess who went missing again (me). If you read my previous post I'm sure you understand that I'm sick 90% of the time, but here's some photos of a cute outfit I wore last week!

This gorgeous, comfy t-shirt is from: Tropicult

Talk soon cuties!


photography by stephenhealy

Summer has passed and so has autumn actually (Apologies for my absence!) Yet here I am still in shorts. 
There has always been something so comforting to me about a good t-shirt, some wooly socks and a nice pair of levis shorts. Although probably not the best apparel to walk around Ireland in November but as a base, these staple pieces can be layered and enjoyed whether the central heating is on or you're walking down Grafton street red cup in hand, or green this year? 

Winter holidays can consist of pyjama day after pyjama day so If I need something to wear to sit in, in and still be unafraid in case I have to run to the store for something this is what I choose!

I'm obsessed with Elena from Bewitchedideas on Etsy. Her handmade t-shirts with her own artwork are beyond amazing and they're perfect for lazy days or dressing up! Both Tshirts featured in this post are from her and her collection which you really should check out!

I hope you've enjoyed this, now sit back enjoy your comfy clothes and drink some hot choc!


As far back as I can remember I've always been poorly, Inheriting the name 'Tiny Tim' From my Dad. Throughout my childhood, adolescence and now adulthood my catchphrase seems to be "I'm sick"

The part of being ill people don't see isn't the pain, nausea or symptoms related to your illness/pain disease etc. It's the shame and constant guilt.
As someone who spends the majority of her life in Doctors waiting rooms it's the guilt that affects me the most, letting people down, cancelling appointments and plans and the general feeling of disappointment. Losing friendships whether it being from their lack of understanding or your own constant need to push others away to 'protect them'.
The relationship you have with the remaining people who do understands consists of you too ashamed to tell them you're sick because maybe, this time is the time they give you judging eyes, assume you're lazy or just stop asking you to do things because all you do is cancel anyway!

Chronic pain and illness' are completely debilitating because not only is your body being an A-hole, Your mind is convincing you that you are one! You tell yourself how useless you are, that you're lazy that you should have been able to push through this pain, "who cares if you're vomiting you should be in college!?". You see those around you pushing by and becoming so successful but your dreams are stopped by your body's inability to keep up. 

You can have all the plans in the world, all the motivation but you don't know what the next day is going to hold.. What your pain levels, fatigue or in my case factoring in mood and sleep. 

Sadly this post isn't motivational or comes with expert advice about pain management or illness in general because I'm still learning to not punish myself about it. I guess if we all realise those around us do care and want to help and we shouldn't be afraid of sounding like we are moaning when we talk about feeling ill, we deserve to support ourselves and treat ourselves the way we would if a loved one was ill with a flu.

So please stop the guilt, wrap yourself up like a burrito today and remind yourself you're allowed feel like this. It may be unfair that it's a regular occurrence in your life but for today let's allow ourselves to be sick and care for it.


photography by stephenhealy

Where has this year gone? The months just seem to be passing me by and now Halloween is almost upon us. All I can say is BLOODY HELL!It won't be long before we'll all be saying the dreaded C word.. CHRISTMAS.. No, we're not all scrooges but we all know once September ends, the Winter Holidays roll in, gift giving.. making €20 stretch to buy 4 presents justifiable enough to give to people! (Student life). So before all that stress, let's reminisce in the glimmers of sun left in this month before the frost creeps in!

I can honestly say this shoot was so much fun, I felt like Alice in Wonderland prancing around the woods in this Co-Ord by Cruel CandyAvgi hand makes all her garments and her store is a favourite of mine. Stephen's ability to make every photo he takes spectacular & beautiful never seizes to amaze me. I may be biased but this is definitely my favourite shoot he's ever done (wink-wink) Okay.. Well maybe the best shoot I've been involved in! 

Where to find it:

Thank you to all of my sponsors featured in this post.
Hope you all enjoyed this outfit, I'm honestly never getting out of this set. It's my second skin! 

Lastly, I'd like to do a shout-out to two of my regular readers Zoe & Lara two young beautiful future fashionistas, thank you for always reading girls!


photos by stephenhealy

Guess who's finished with their little goth girl phase? ME! (For now anyway) The hidden mermaid came through last week, I was lazy but wanted to be a pastel princess so this outfit was born!

I've been loving loose fitted pieces, I'm very lazy these days. I turned 22 on the 18th of August so maybe I've become lazy in my old age! 22 seems so bizarre to me, I stutter everytime someone asks how old I am.. seventee- I mean nine-- TWENTY TWO! I shall forever be a little kid, with pastel hair and weird accessories, shout out to BaddieWinkle who is my everyday goals.

Where to find it:

I'm so in love with this hat, it's so cute and such high quality. It comes in 4 different colours and I'm so thrilled I got to work with their store, a definite favourite!

An amazing store, filled with one of a kind hand-made chokers and earrings. Such a talented young woman and a beautiful shop! Be sure to check her out.
  • Rose skirt - Asos 
  • Converse (thrifted)
  • Flamingo Tattoo - Tattoorary

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked this outfit as much as I did. I also want to say a huge thank you to my photographer/husband Stephen, you're so talented and thank you for working with me on this project. You inspire me daily.

Keep your eyes peeled for my next look which will be up tomorrow.
Have a great day.


photos by stephenhealy

Incase you didn't notice, I'm still trapped in little goth girl mode. I don't know what it is about summer this year but it's just so gloomy I tend to blend in. 
Luckily my hair is so colourful it add's some accent colours to the black-ness. This week I completely lazed about due to my back injury and was barely able to get dressed.

However the one time I did go out I rocked this super cute outfit, its seriously one of my new fav's and i'll be wearing it a lot these next few weeks!

Where to find it:

Myself and Stephen have had so much fun working with Timothy the owner of LGO creation, his designs are so incredible & he's such a lovely guy. So much more to come from him & his amazing shop so watch this space. 
Another obsession of mine has been Tattoorary's temporary tattoo's I'm way too indecisive for a tattoo and these tattoos have shown me wear i'd actually like to place some! They're incredibly long lasting yet easily removed with an exfoliator. Can't recommend them enough!

I hope you like this look as much as I love it. Lots more looks in the works so stick around and keep those peepers peeled!

Check out stephenhealyphotography for more amazing photos from an amazingly talented man!


photos by stephenhealy

Summer style in the land of Amber consists of pretty much the same things I wear all year round, okay maybe minus a few layers.
My inner pastel princess has shined itself through my hair and resulted in all black outfits the past few weeks.

I decided to shake it up and step away from the pink hair I've been sporting for the past 4 years and add some purple & blue. This in turn has made the little goth girl inside me come to the fore front.

Who knows, maybe next week the princess will make an appearance again! 

This whole outfit can be bought for under €60, from head to toe!

Where to find it:

So here is part one of my summer looks, I'll have plenty more coming over the next few weeks so be sure to check in.
I have lots of cool projects from great companies that I'm super excited to share with you all, so until then get the sun-screen out and have a great week.