UNIQSO Sponsored Review ~ Barbie Bella 4 tones Red

Hello Again Dollies.

Today I have a sponsored review from UNIQSO.
The lovely people at UNIQSO sponsored me a pair of circle lenses and I chose:
Barbie Bella 4 tones Red

The lenses were shipped out on Sept: 20th and arrived to me In Ireland on Sept: 30th.
10 day delivery from Malaysia


dancing llama to show my excitement!
The lenses came all snuggly just how I like it.

Inside the comfy packet (which was double bubble wrapped) was a cute little teddy bear box and a lens case.
(Some sites don't include Cases when Buying lenses so make sure to ask before purchase!)

Look at the cute teddy!

Inside the box were the viles which held my lenses. (they were also bubble-wrapped to prevent damaging the viles)

I got my lenses in plano (0.00) as I don't need glasses.~

Opening Your Lens Vile:

Using a tweezers or steel nail file put whatever you choose under the plastic cap and lift it, then pull the cap along to remove the silver cap!
Its easy once you get the hang of it.
When the viles are open put the lenses into your case with solution.

imageAlways Remember:image
After opening your lens viles leave the contacts in your case for 8 hours before putting them in your eyes!And donot forget to take care of your contact lens cases along with properly disinfecting your big eye contacts. Do sterilize your contact lens cases once in a month and recycle contact lens cases after three months.
Product Information:

Base curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 16.2mm
Type: They last 12 months
Water Content: 38%

When Applying Lenses:

Make sure your hands are clean and always put your lenses into your eyes BEFORE applying your make-up!

After cleaning your hands place one lens on your index finger, starting with your right eye use the the hand that's lens free to pull down your right eyelid.

Place the lens on your eye and when its inserted release your finger and blink.

If the lens is comfortable you're fine.
If not remove the lens put it back into the solution and start again.

No one is a pro on their first try.

These lenses look exactly the same in natural light as they do in photographs which is such a big plus for me! 

I tried the lenses with two of my looks, usually I have to use different lenses depending on if I will go for:
A Kawaii Gyaru Look.

Or a creepy cute look

But guess what? These lenses worked for both! 

Enlargement: 5/5
These are my first pair of lenses over 15mm so I was expecting bug eyes, but they didn't look too un-natural and still had the cute dolly look I love with lenses.

Comfort: 4.5/5
When I first attempted to put the lenses in they were difficult to actually put in my eye. However I think this was purely because I wasn't used to the size, after a 2 tries I put them in perfectly.
They were 100% comfortable and I wore them for 8 hours without them feeling gritty or dry!
(if it's your first time using circle lenses don't exceed 2 hours on your first try)

Colour: 5/5
These are the first lenses that for me looked just as good in the advertisement as they did when I tried them on, the colour isn't faded and it photographs so well! 
In natural light they are very vibrant and blend well with my eyes (which are blue).They would also blend well with dark eyes as they have darker colours in the 4 colour mix.

I give these beauties 5/5 the main reason I love them is because of the unusual colour combination, also looking the same in photos and in person is such a must with circle lenses!
Comfortable and adorable just how I like it! 


Big Thank you to UNIQSO for sponsoring me.
I recommend UNIQSO for cute lenses, cosplay and Halloween lenses. They have such a

Dont forget if you're buying from UNIQSO to use my coupon code:
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Thanks for reading.
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