Hello Again Sugary Rainbows
Wow okay, my nicknames are getting a bit strange.


Anywhooo, Today I'm doing another review for the Lovely people at sololilta.com
This is my 3rd review for Sololita and there wigs are so amazing!

This time i chose The Brown Long Cute one
Well thats what it's called but it's more Strawberry Blondey/Brown.
Sort of like Anna From Frozen?

I ordered the wig on The 18th of December and I received it January 10th, which was understandable considering the holidays!
It arrived to me safely like all sololita packages!

So lets get on to the review:

I adore this wig honestly it's so pretty, thick and long! It's my dream hair. The curls at the bottom are as if it was put in plaits over night, I was afraid it would be hard to maintain but if you use a wide tooth comb it bounces back to the original way.

The only issue is the bangs are a bit long and need to be clipped to the side but thats not really an issue!
By the way:

People always ask me how I store my wigs, I have zip lock bags and store them in hair nets and then I have foam heads which you can get for literally 4squid!
So look into getting them too!

I give this wig:

I really adore this week overall, it frames my face nicely the length is perfect and its good quality! Nothing bad to say about it at all!

Get this wig: here
Visit the Store:here

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Amber this wig is so perfect! It looks really thick too which is great. And it seems perfect for our collab ^^ i haven't got mine though :(

    1. Aw I love it so much! Let me know when you get your wig so we can collab <3 Thank you sweetie <3