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Hello my Dear Dandelions.
I have no idea why I come up with all these names.

I'm going to be Reviewing a pair of shoes from Lolitadressesshop

Lolitadressesshop approached me to review something from their store and the moment I saw the cute pink bunny shoes I knew my answer was yes!

I ordered the shoes April 30th 
And received them May 28th.
To me that's a pretty long time to wait? There site states 2 weeks but it took a month for me to receive the shoes in Ireland.

The shoes arrived to me and the box was pretty much in pieces.
However the shoes were in perfect condition.

The shoes are absolutely adorable and so comfortable.
The stitching on the ribbons is clean and very well done.
The eyes & eyelashes on the shoes are actually sewn in, all the stitching is clean and not too un-even like most shoes now a days *shudder*

The ankle strap isn't sewn in place and constantly swivels so you're walking down the street and BAM! bow at the back of your leg.

Here is a close up of the stitch detail.

The shoes have a perfect sized heel for con's so if you regularly dress in lolita but fret about the hours walking to/around and from a con in those beautiful platforms these shoes are a fabulous substitute.
Unless you're like me and too short to be without those bloody platforms! 



I'm only marking down one for the minor details of the strap slipping a lot and the bad packaging.
But other than that these shoes are really really cute & I recommend getting them!

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Thank you for reading <3


  1. These are so cute! I want them! I bookmarked this shop and I plan to get stuff from them soon. ^_^ I just started my blog and I will be doing product reviews. Can you follow me? I followed you :) <3