photography by stephenhealy

Summer has passed and so has autumn actually (Apologies for my absence!) Yet here I am still in shorts. 
There has always been something so comforting to me about a good t-shirt, some wooly socks and a nice pair of levis shorts. Although probably not the best apparel to walk around Ireland in November but as a base, these staple pieces can be layered and enjoyed whether the central heating is on or you're walking down Grafton street red cup in hand, or green this year? 

Winter holidays can consist of pyjama day after pyjama day so If I need something to wear to sit in, in and still be unafraid in case I have to run to the store for something this is what I choose!

I'm obsessed with Elena from Bewitchedideas on Etsy. Her handmade t-shirts with her own artwork are beyond amazing and they're perfect for lazy days or dressing up! Both Tshirts featured in this post are from her and her collection which you really should check out!

I hope you've enjoyed this, now sit back enjoy your comfy clothes and drink some hot choc!

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