Ebay Finds Under $20

Hello dollies.
Today I've decided to search through the wonderful Ebay and find A few bits and bobs under  20/$25

SO lets Go!

These lovely 'mummy' styled tights are so gorgeous! I haven't seen them before and now I really really want them! 

Perfect for everyone going back to school soon, I know you don't want to think about Back to school but everythings better when all your stationary is SUPER CUTE.

Next is an adorable iPhone Case, honestly... my addiction is iPhone cases and since my phone is now deceased I haven't been able to look at one!
But just for you I found this beauty.

These Sweaters are So cute, I really want them in both colours, I love the shapes of these sweaters with a Skirt.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST *drum roll*

But an equally grumpy cat on a bag!

Thank you all for reading and I hope you all enjoyed the few pieces I picked.
Leave a Comment underneath of your favourite piece or a bargain you've recently got.
Have a good day.

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