Hello there dolls, Today I have a review from a store called Brave.
Brave store is literally my favourite storenvy store and I'm pretty sure everyone knows it.
It has the cutest phone cases, tights, accessories & clothes.


The Owner of storenvy sent me out a pair of bunny tights to review.
They were sent out to me on the 20th of December and I received them on the 31st.
Even with the Holidays they only took 11 days, which is VERY impressive!


The tights were super packed tight so they wouldn't get damaged and were all safe & snugg inside.

Onto the Review:


The skin coloured part of the tights is thin and comfortable and the white bunny part is thick so there is no way they will rip, which is something I always worry about with tattoo styled tights. 


They're always so pretty so I'm terrified they'll rip or fade and these are the only tights I've found to be strong and didn't fade after one wash with is so AMAZING for me!

They only come in 1 size, I am 5ft so usually one size tights are a bit baggy and need to be put up past my belly button, these weren't too long but they would fit someone taller too!
I was afraid incase the bunny ears wouldn't be seen from the pulling up of the tights but they were PERFECT!



I give these wonderful tights: /5

They're white so they go with everything, the shipping is super quick. The owner is super lovely & helpful.
I literally have nothing negative to say about this company or their products!

And don't forget..

 Find this store : here
Find this item: here

Thank you to Brave for sponsoring me & Thank you everyone for reading

As usual have some photos of me being silly.

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  1. very very cute tights and review!

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  2. Cute outfit~ Those tights look adorable with sneaker heels. Great review.


  3. Love the tights! I love brace store as well. You're so cute.