Another review here dolls.

This one is from harajukubaby on storenvy.

(You may have seen my introduction post to there store)
The store sells hats, wigs, shoes, tights, clothes etc.
Well the owner of harajukubaby sponsored me a devilhorn hat from their store.



Here's the product image.

Here's the colours they come in.
As most of you know I love pastel and there was no pastel shades which I was sad with as I'd love a pale pink one and the pink they had would be too severe for me, my other alternative as always is BLACK!


The delivery time is noted on their tumblr which I will link at the end of this post.
I chose my hat on Oct 24th.
The owner said that she would contact me when the hat was shipped out but she didn't so im not sure when it was!
However the hat came to me on Dec 7.


Onto the Review:


When I recieved the hat there was a thread holding up the folded part after putting it onto my head that thread straight away snapped off. Which made ms sad.
The quality of the hat is very good and thick, it actually keeps your head warm rather than just being a cute hat!
The devil horns really stand up on their own, I was afraid they'd flop or droop and I'd look silly, but they stayed perky!

Unlike most hats especially black ones it didn't gather dust and end up with magical white balls of fluff on it that no one ever knows where they come from!
Also another plus was it didn't frizz up my wigs when i used it with them! Which is really important for me.


I give this hat  / 5
I marked it down 2 stars because the fact I was never notified when it had been shipped out so I wasn't in when the post man came which meant a trip to where they hold the deliverys etc and because the thread snapped off after one wearing.
Other than that this hat is good quality warm & looks super cute!

Thank you harajukubaby for sponsoring me and Thank you all for reading.
Don't forget to leave your comments below.

Find the store: here
Get this hat: here
Harajukubaby's tumblr: here

As Usual have some photos of me being silly ;A;


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  1. oooh I have one of those hats, they really are perfect to team with wigs!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  2. really adorable with the pink wig <3 ^-^

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  4. omg i have the same exact hat, but lost it ;-; www.pinkivorys.blogspot.com *:.。.

  5. The wig omg, must have!