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I have another review for you all and I'm so happy with these lenses that I just cant wait to tell you all about them.


The lovely people at Geocolouredlenses.com sponsored me the most wonderful and cute lenses, THEY'RE AMAZING!


Firstly since this is my first review for GeoColouredLenses I thought i'd tell you a little about them;
The company was established in 2008 after the founder had been amazed at how circle lenses could enlarge the eye and make her eyes prettier & more alluring, however she didn't know if she could trust the market sellers and made her own reliable brand GEO!

 GEO is a reliable Korean circle lens brand and the only USA FDA approved circle lens brand

They also have FREE international shipping! 



The lenses I ordered were Geo Heart Pink
The lenses were shipped out to me on Feb 3rd and I received them on Feb 8th!
5 DAYS!?
I was so super impressed with how quickly I received the lenses and that they were wrapped in bubble wrap waiting for me to try them on!
All snug & safe!


The free lens case is secure and doesn't have a gap that the solution can evaporate (keep your lenses in a cool dry space)

I got my lenses in 0.00(plano) as I don't need glasses but these lenses are only available in plano! 

 imageAlways Remember:image
After opening your lens viles leave the contacts in your case for 8 hours before putting them in your eyes!And donot forget to take care of your contact lens cases along with properly disinfecting your big eye contacts. Do sterilize your contact lens cases once in a month and recycle contact lens cases after three months.

When Applying Lenses:

Make sure your hands are clean and always put your lenses into your eyes BEFORE applying your make-up!

After cleaning your hands place one lens on your index finger, starting with your right eye use the the hand that's lens free to pull down your right eyelid.

Place the lens on your eye and when its inserted release your finger and blink.

If the lens is comfortable you're fine.
If not remove the lens put it back into the solution and start again.


Lens info:
Diameter: 15.00
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year

The lenses took me a few tries to insert but once i put them in they were incredibly comfortable and I couldn't feel them on my eye what so ever, They remained comfy for the full 8 hours that you can keep your lenses in without getting dry or scratchy.

How amazing is the detail on these?
It looks like lace around my eyes, this photo is taken with my camera with natural light and no editing.
These lenses are so incredibly vibrant and the detail can be seen from a distance, which is such a great plus with lenses, as im sure most of you regular circle lens owners know the lenses can look incredible in the case but the minute they're inserted the detail and colour can be a complete let down.
So I was really impressed with how the blue in my eyes even brought out the details more.


The pink colour stands out and is so bright especially with my pink hair so it really made such a difference and made me look like an anime character (well i think so anyway hehe)

These are my FAVOURITE pair of lenses I have ever owned, they are so comfortable and enlarging and I find they really flatter my face and would be perfect for cosplays too!
They are super girly, feminine and cute!
Which is such a great thing since thats everything I love.

So I give these lenses /5


And as usual have a few photos of me being silly~

Thank you for reading!

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