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Today I have a review from the wonderful & amazing....

I have been sponsored by pinky paradise before and I have always loved how great quality their lenses are.


This time I was able to review Vassen Sakura, in candy green!
These were my first pair of green lenses so I was really excited!

The lenses were sent out 30th of December and I received them Jan 16th.
As always the lenses arrived to me safe and sound.

PinkyParadise sent me a super cute animal case & a suprise gift which was Velcro hair clips to stop your bangs going into your eyes while applying make-up they're super useful

And Pinkyparadise have given me a code for all my lovely followers to use so you can get your own free animal case & mystery gift!

I will post at the end of this review~

I got my lenses in plano 0.00 as I don't need glasses!

The lens case I received free was very secure and had no leakages or space for the solution to evaporate which is a big plus when you receive a free case!


Opening Your Lens Vile:

Using a tweezers or steel nail file put whatever you choose under the plastic cap and lift it, then pull the cap along to remove the silver cap!
Its easy once you get the hang of it.
When the viles are open put the lenses into your case with solution.

 imageAlways Remember:image
After opening your lens viles leave the contacts in your case for 8 hours before putting them in your eyes!And donot forget to take care of your contact lens cases along with properly disinfecting your big eye contacts. Do sterilize your contact lens cases once in a month and recycle contact lens cases after three months.

When Applying Lenses:

Make sure your hands are clean and always put your lenses into your eyes BEFORE applying your make-up!

After cleaning your hands place one lens on your index finger, starting with your right eye use the the hand that's lens free to pull down your right eyelid.

Place the lens on your eye and when its inserted release your finger and blink.

If the lens is comfortable you're fine.
If not remove the lens put it back into the solution and start again.

No one is a pro on their first try.


On to the Review:

Lens Info:

Diameter: 14.5
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year

My 2 biggest fears when waiting for my lenses are;
1) They'll look so beautiful but be really uncomfortable
2) They'll look beautiful & vibrant whilst in the case but once in my eye they will appear dull!

And as you can see in this photograph taken with natural light through my window...


Honestly these lenses take 2 seconds to insert and remain comfortable for the full 8 hours of recommend wear.
They are amazingly enlarging and look so much bigger than the 14.5mm that they are!

They also blend really well with my blue/grey eyes.

Even from a distance these lenses are still vibrant and enlarging!

I give these lenses /5

They came to me safely, they're amazingly bright and enlarging as well as comfortable and pinkyparadise are so wonderful and kind to work with!

I have been lucky enough to have coupon code for my lovely followers.
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This offer can be stacked, so if you decide to buy 2 lenses you will get 2 cute animal cases and 2 mystery gifts.


Thank you for reading!

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