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Hai there dolls.

I have another review from the wonderful people at ilovesexy.com

this time I'm reviewing a care bear costume!
I also got a pair of really cute knee high ballerina socks.

Onto the review;

I chose what I would like and the lovely staff at ilovesexy shipped it out on March 3rd and I received the products on March 5th, OH MY GOODNESS.. crazy quick shipping!

The items arrived to me all snug and nothing was damaged.

And here is the crazy cute carebear costume!
The costume came with cute little pink hot-pants that are a stretchy material a pink long sleeved top that has a hood with ears on it and a Care Bear Tummy Symbol, I also got cute little paw gloves!
Look how cute the ears are eeeep.
The material is really strong and stretchy, the gloves however are starting to come appart from the thumb hole which is sad but i can re-stitch it but its quite annoying as I've only worn it once!

Look how cute the tummy is!

All pieces can be worn with other items of clothing which was what made me really want it, I cant wait to wear these shorts with a cute shirt and sweater!
Look at the little tail, SERIOUSLY! 

I give this outfit overall;


The only reason I give it one less star is because of the gloves coming apart and the stretchy material can make you look a bit lumpy on the bum area!

Now onto the socks;

 The socks are so cute and stop at a nice area just over the knee, however as you can see the foot are is quite faded?
I have really small feet I'm a UK 3, so I can imagine how much more they would fade if someone had bigger feet!

I do love these socks and they look really cute with shoes when the feet part are covered up.

Overall I give these socks;

Thank you to ilovesexy.com for giving me these wonderful things!

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