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Hai cutie-patooties!

Today I have a wonderful review from seriously my favorite shop ever, literally everything they sell is beyond perfect and i need it all!
As you probably guessed the store I'm reviewing from is spreepicky.storenvy.com
I am so in love with the people who work at spreepicky, they're so kind and helpful with purchases.


Spreepicky was made in in August 2013 and focuses on the cutest things for the cheapest price.
They ship from Guangzhou, China.

So the wonderful people at spreepicky got in contact with me and I chose the item i wanted which was the Miku & Rin cosplay 
Even though it's a cosplay I wear it as a day to day outfit as it's way too cute!

Spreepicky shipped the package on April 6 and I received it April 30th this is standard time for me and that was fine with me!
The package was completely safe and perfect.

Onto the review:

The Set came with
  •  two blue bunny ear piggy tail bow clips ins
  • A pair of pink and white thigh high socks (maybe knee highs but im short)
  • and the main body suit!

This is what the suit looks like on, as I dont have a miku wig I wore my brown long wig in piggy tails!
The suit is a pail pink with blue & white striped pockets.
The one thing I could not believe with this suit was how GOOD quality the material was, its a thick fluffy material with strong pockets and zip!

This is the top part up close the v in the neck clips on and off but I like it on!
The bow is good quality and the whole outfit is not crinkly which is amazing I hate the material that needs to be ironed every second!

My legs look very strange in this! But I haven't got the patience for editing!
This is what the bottom looks like the bloomer part is so cute and frilly at the bottom, its very flattering and not making me look out of proportion!
The socks need sock glue to stay up but I haven't got any so sorry for the baggy socks in the photo.
The socks are a silky material and im wearing them with Everything theyre just too cute.

Bum photo!
In the back the romper has wings with teeny tiny pearls on it, there is metal inside to keep them up.

I give this outfit /5
I have nothing bad to say about anything, everything is high quality the shipping was fine and the company are so lovely to work with!

I also got a discount code

Use : posturepain for 10% off orders over $30+

Thank you for reading and come back soon!

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  1. Super cute! And it looks so comfy!
    I have a question though! Do you know how long your discount code is going to last? I'm interested in buying something, but I have to wait for my paycheck. :(

    The Girly Gamer

    1. My code will last forever so take your time sweetie <3

    2. Fantastic! Thanks so much for the reply! :)

      The Girly Gamer