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Hello Cupcakes~

I have another review for you (I'm suddenly productive)

This sponsored review is for Jlist/Jbox.com and I warn you their site is so addictive because it has everything you could ever want, from posters, stationary, cute everything pretty much, japanese candy, home appliances, plushies, studio ghibli merch and clothes!


Jlist were looking for sponsors and we got in touch so they sent me a giant package of all random things they thought i'd like which is seriously the cutest thing ever as they knew me so well by my blog etc, it was so kind and they're so wonderful to work with!

So onto the review

Jlist shipped the package March 6th and i Received the product 18th. 

Everything arrived safe and nothing was damaged.
I received a lot of products so this post will have a lot of photos!

I received;

I'm going to review each product individually and then at the end rate overall opinion and my experience with the company.

The sweater is a pale grey and the wings have a thick material to allow them to stick out rather than having to constantly adjust them.
The sweater is so comfortable and I literally live in it, it's super nice on and I am in love.
The only problem I have is the strings on it (like all hoodies have) well they don't have steel caps or plastic ties on them they're just loose wool which over time can get quite messy looking!

I give this sweater


Out of 5 my melodies~

Full marks as its super cute and the strings aren't annoying enough to lose a point!

The bag is quite small and is perfect inside your bag for make-up or little things that need to be seperated in your bag, or if you just like having things in separated cute bags & sleeves (like me) this is PERFECT

This is the up-close detail of the bag, the detail is perfect and really good quality, look at his cute little face and.. SOOT SPRITES <3
The print is high quality unlike some printed patterns.

The bag has a pully string to make the top tight and keep everything safe.
I give this little bag


I'm so obsessed with this bag and anything studio ghibli is pretty much perf anyway. Great quality and I have nothing bad to say.

Floral Thigh Highs.

The socks are quite long and a thick strong good quality material.

The floral detail is very cute and well made and doesn't stretch when on my feet like some socks (even though I'm a size 3 shoe size grrrr)
These were perfect and never stretched or went out of place.

This is what the socks look like on, the bow detail at the knee and scalloped ends are so cute, really extra detail goes so far for me.
I have quite short legs so these make be knee high on you.
however I've chubby thighs so that may make a difference too!

Heres the socks from the side, the socks have rose and bow details all around rather than just the one side, which really made me fall in love with them, im sick of pretty socks you see online buy them and the part that made the socks pretty online is online an inch of the sock and the rest is plain ARG

These are perfect.
(Playing Kingdom hearts in the background)

I give these socks.



These are my Favorite pair of socks I'm crazy about them!

Totoro Tumbler

Another totoro Item, you can imagine my excitement.
Again the product is high quality and keeps tea inside it hot or cold drinks cold for a long time, its a really good tumbler and the fact it has totoro on it make it even better!

I give this;


(As you can tell Jlists products are seriously incredible)

Princess Lace Hand Towel

This Hand towel is so perfect, It's perfect for going on holiday or if you're like me and just want every little thing you own to be over the top and cute this is for you.



The lace is such a cute colour and is quite strong.

Yet again.

I give this Item


Another 5 out of 5 my melodies... hmmm

If you've spoken to me or follow me on most of my sites online, you'll know my obsession with tea, I have about 12 different types of tea in my cabinet and then you all know how much I love sakura and literally sob when I see the petals all rotten on the ground ~sob

So mix the two together and BOOM sakura tea.

If you're buying this make sure you have a tea strainer as they come in packets of loose sakura petals, not tea bags.

The tea is super sweet and kind of strange tasting at first but by your second cup you will be addicted.
It takes a bit of getting used to as It tastes a tad perfumey.

I give this

When I found this in the box I was like.. how cute... but how random, I dont really cook so it doesn't really have a use for me unless I'm on my computer or playing playstation then i'll use it as a grabber hehe~

LAZY LV 100.

I give these;

The only reason I'm marking it down is I have no really use for them, but theyre so cute and I like them <3

This is the last item I received.

And probably my favorite of the group, as I just spoke about my love for sakura now my whole room smells of sakura and It makes me super happy when my room smells all pretty and yeah~

The wood is kind of broken but i think that was because of the way I took the wrapping off!

Here's the sakura balls with their friends in my room.

I give this;


I thoroughly enjoy everything the store were kind enough to send me and The people at Jlist are so fun, kind & lovely to work with, the stuff they sent me was heart felt and all the best quality.

I really recommend them and their products.

Thanks Jlist.

Thank you for reading and come back soon!

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  1. I got a little bit excited when I saw Kingdom Hearts in the background, haha. I really love that game.

    It's really cool you got such wonderful items though! I especially like that sweater and the tongs! The sweater looks so comfy and and the wings are too cute! And the tongs make me unbelievably happy. Just so adorable!

    The Girly Gamer

  2. Awwwww i love all the items!! They're so cute!
    OMG I need that Totoro Tumbler!!!! Too lovely!!!! <3 <3
    You look very very very veryyyyy pretty <3 <3 <3

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  3. ohhh you are so sweet *-*

    ps Too mane kawaii things in one post *___________*

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