photos by stephenhealy

Summer style in the land of Amber consists of pretty much the same things I wear all year round, okay maybe minus a few layers.
My inner pastel princess has shined itself through my hair and resulted in all black outfits the past few weeks.

I decided to shake it up and step away from the pink hair I've been sporting for the past 4 years and add some purple & blue. This in turn has made the little goth girl inside me come to the fore front.

Who knows, maybe next week the princess will make an appearance again! 

This whole outfit can be bought for under €60, from head to toe!

Where to find it:

So here is part one of my summer looks, I'll have plenty more coming over the next few weeks so be sure to check in.
I have lots of cool projects from great companies that I'm super excited to share with you all, so until then get the sun-screen out and have a great week.

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